Non-Financial Services

Capacity building training (group and centre management)

Financing alone cannot bring desired result unless members have knowledge and skills on group and centre management and understanding about institutional process and rules regarding utilization of loan and saving. Therefore, different orientation/training/workshops are provided at the beginning of group/centre formation, which takes 5 to 7 days to cover the content.

Leadership and network building training

Once the group/centre formed, leadership skill is required. They also need a networking skill that is needed for their production/business. So group/centre leaders are provided a 3 days leadership and network building training. A one day  refresher training is provided every year to maintain and upgrade their quality and skill.

Health awareness and health camps

We consider health as a crucial facor in income generation. Most people, especially the women,  in remote area are out of access to health services and unawareness. Therefore, we seek partner and facilitate on these issues.

Water and sanitation

Safe water and other sanitary issues are also common among the poor and rural people. Thus we also like to improve their health by improving access to safe water and better sanitation by working with other interested parties. We are interested to long term finance on WASH in very nominal charges.