We provide following two types of financial services at the moment and introduce new services based on the financial need of our members in future.

Agriculture loan

We provide loan for any kind of agriculture production (Vegetation and Livestock) related scheme.

Vegetation loan is available for:

  • Tobacco leaf farming
  • Sugarcane farming
  • Maize farming
  • Vegetables farming
  • Fruit farming
  • Any kind of high value crops

Livestock loan is available for:

  • Cow/buffalo for milk
  • Goat farming
  • Poultry
  • Piggery
  • Any kind of income generating livestock

Micro-Enterprise Loan

We do provide the micro-enterprise to the members for income generating enterprise.

Health & treatment loan

We consider health as a crucial factor in income generation. Our members who are poor and vulnerable to cope in a sudden health problem. In such circumstances, a member can get a loan worth NRS 5000.00 at least to start/approach medication to save their life on top of the other loan in a nominal interest (18%).

Business Promotion loan

The member who have maintain their business promotion saving can get  3 folds “Business Promotion loan” against their saving in this account to enhance their existing business however  limit would not exceed to 15000.00 when they are in the need of fund even having other loan.

Easy loan

The member who have maintain their easy saving can get the “Easy Loan” in no hassle way upto the limit of 15000.00 when they are in the need of fund even having other loan

Alternative Energy loan

The member will also take loan for alternative energy uses (Like solar and bio-gas)